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5 Reasons to Send Funeral Flowers to the Bereaved

March 11, 2022

5 Reasons to Send Funeral Flowers to the Bereaved

Have you ever wondered whether or not to send flowers to a funeral? While in the past visitation rooms might’ve been lined with rows of funeral wreaths, more casual flower and plant arrangements have become more common. If someone close to you or your loved ones passes away, you may still want to send flowers, as there are many benefits to doing so. Sending such flower arrangements can be a very meaningful gesture, as they can be used to express feelings of grief and love. Here are 5 reasons to send condolence flowers to the bereaved. 

Symbolic Meaning  

Each flower has its own meaning

Sympathy flowers have a long tradition of being sent to the bereaved because their symbolic meanings serve as a way of expressing feelings and messages to loved ones. After losing a loved one, it can be hard to know what to say and how to express your condolences. Symbolic of the fleeting nature of life, sympathy flowers can help you convey your love and respect to grieving friends and family. Here are some examples of flowers with particular symbolic meanings that are often used in sympathy flowers: 

  • Lily - innocence and purity 
  • White Stargazer Lilies - sympathy 
  • White Carnation - pure love and innocence 
  • Red Carnation - admiration 
  • Pink Carnation - remembrance 
  • Gladioli - sincerity and moral integrity 
  • Chrysanthemums - (in many European countries) death, with white varieties only used for sympathy and funerals; (in the East) grief and sadness and associated with the afterlife. 
  • Red Rose - love 
  • White Rose - reverence and remembrance 
  • Pink Rose - admiration, gratitude, and appreciation 
  • Orchid - “I will always love you.” 

A Source of Comfort 

The reason for bringing flowers to funerals is to celebrate life. Regardless of whether the floral arrangement is informal or formal, it must provide comfort to the deceased person’s family and friends. Furthermore, it shows your care for them and reminds them that they do not have to go through this hardship alone. However, you should avoid anything too silly or light in the arrangement, such as stuffed animals or balloons. If possible, include a handwritten note. Use a short condolence phrase, or pick a short poem or quote. If not, you can have the florist write a few simple words of condolence for you. Regardless of which option you choose, make sure your full name is attached so the recipient knows you sent them. This will help those navigating their feelings of loss and grief feel supported. 

Sentimental Value 

Flowers have deep sentimental value because they require much care and attention despite their short life spans. They encourage us to enjoy the present moment, serving as a reminder of how short life truly is and how much it should be valued. Furthermore, the responsibility that comes with tending to flowers can give you a greater sense of purpose and help increase your self-esteem. 

A Source of Nostalgia 

Flowers can help create a more memorable atmosphere. Though they may begin to shrivel and die before the service is over, your generous gesture will serve as a reminder to the family and friends of the deceased while they are going through the grieving process. The flower arrangement will give the surviving loved ones the impression that you have been thinking of them during this difficult time in their life. Furthermore, it can serve as a tribute to the deceased and be a reminder of the legacy they’ve left behind through the living who care for them. 

A Form of Creative Expression 

Flower arrangements are one-of-kind in that they are adaptable and can be personalized in any way. You can design them however you want, to convey any message you wish. Just make sure the flowers you choose and the note you write are customized to fit the preferences of the grieving loved ones to whom you are sending your condolences, or to the deceased themselves. 

What Funeral Flowers to Send 

Choose the right types of flowers


Flowers such as lilies, roses, carnations, orchids, gladioli, and chrysanthemums are commonly used for sympathy. However, you don't have to stick to those. If you know the recipient has a fondness for a particular type of flower, it might be nice to give them one of those instead. Some less common flowers that could be good options are freesias for thoughtfulness and sweetness, baby’s breath for long-lasting love, purity, and innocence, and alstroemeria in white or pink for devotion or friendship. 

White is the most common colour for sympathy flowers as it’s associated with goodness and purity, but it’s not essential. Most florists will offer a wide array of colours for you to choose from. Other common colours include pink, yellow, pale blue, and lilac. They’re normally pale and muted colours, as bright colours are usually too sad for a funeral. However, an arrangement full of flowers of rich deep colours can also work perfectly in certain circumstances. Be cautious with yellow: though it can mean friendship and remembrance, it can also symbolize jealousy. Sometimes red roses can be suitable for expressing love, but in Asian countries, the colour is associated with happiness and good luck and thus should not be used for sympathy flowers. 

How to Order Funeral Flowers 

Ordering sympathy flowers online is a very easy process. Flower Story has a wide array of beautiful arrangements for funerals as well as other occasions. To order an arrangement from Flower Story, follow these steps: 

  • Go to the home page. 
  • Choose your arrangement. 
  • Choose the size, occasion, and add your personal message. 
  • If you want to make it special, add something from our list of options, such as a full-sized greeting card.
  • Choose your delivery date.
  • Fill in your payment details. 
  • Fill in the address of the recipient. 
  • Provide their phone number in case they’re not in when the florist tries to deliver. 

Where to Buy Funeral Flowers

Looking for funeral flower arrangements in Toronto? Look no further than Flower Story. If you're looking to place an order or have any questions, send us a message through our website or call us at 416-797-9774. 


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