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Creative and Fresh Christmas Decoration Ideas

December 02, 2022

Creative and Fresh Christmas Decoration Ideas

The Christmas season is always made more magical by twinkling Christmas trees. But why stop with just the tree? There are a lot of Christmas decoration themes that can make your home a holiday wonderland. When it comes to Christmas decorations at home, the idea to cover every available surface, staircase, and space with flowers, candles, and Christmas lights is understandable. It is even recommended to adorn your house with the best Christmas flowers and plants. The more you shower it with Christmas flower arrangements, the more festive your house will be. 

The holiday season is just right around the corner, and there are many ways to be excited about it. One of our favourites during this holiday season is decorating!

In this article, we will give you the best holiday decorating ideas and tips to make your home ready for the holiday season.

Christmas Decoration Tips


Spice up Christmas with flower decorations


It can be overwhelming to think about decorating your house. But let’s face it, this is another Christmas-related pressure we can’t live without. Here are some tips to help you make your house a Christmas wonderland.

  • Use a real tree
  • In this magical season, the Christmas tree is the biggest attraction. Real Christmas trees are a sustainable option that will not only make your home look festive and authentic, but will also give a special touch to your décor. Choose a pine or fir tree that is suitable for the place where you will be placing the tree. It is advised to set up your in a bright area. Water the tree frequently, or continue to spray the base of the tree with water frequently.

  • Fill with flowers
  • Spring is considered to be the flowering season, but that does not mean that you cannot find beautiful flowers during the holiday season. Wintertime brings a lovely selection of flowers that can make your home appear vibrant and enchanting.

    Poinsettias are a timeless classic. The Poinsettias appear and bring with them their gorgeous red, white, and pink colours as soon as the holiday spirit enters your home. But always keep in mind that there are many other Christmas flowers other than poinsettias that you can choose from. It's important to pick a flower that lasts a long time and doesn't wither quickly. Select flowers that can last for a few days, like brassicas. It's also a good idea to choose a Symphoricarpos variety like snowberry.

  • Settle on a colour scheme
  • A theme will help unify all of your decorations, make them look wonderful, and allow you to employ the same decorations in other spaces throughout the season. It is also better to stick to 1 to 3 colours when decorating.

    Tip: Any room's colour scheme will blend well with neutral silvers and gold. Additionally, these hues never go out of style, so you will not have to buy a new set as frequently.

  • Decorate the mantle
  • The fireplace is one of the first areas to be decorated. If you have a beautiful mantle, utilize the area, and decorate it with fresh seasonal greens! They are the ideal method to intensify the holiday spirit. Add your own holiday decorations, such as candles or ornaments, or just leave them alone to sparkle!

  • Wreath it up
  • Popular and simple holiday decorating ideas include wreaths. They not only bring beauty to the outside of your house, but they also make the ideal interior decoration! For a more festive atmosphere, decorate your living room or kitchen with a wreath made of seasonal, fresh flowers.

  • Use natural accents as a base
  • Create a base of natural-looking items, such as pinecone picks before you decorate your Christmas tree with flowers and greenery. This creates a great wooded atmosphere for your flowery Christmas tree. To achieve a more warm and natural effect, leave the ends of your picks sticking out a little bit more.

  • Spice up the dinner table
  • Don't forget the centrepiece, which is the most crucial piece of decoration. Your family dinners will be even more memorable if you decorate your dining room table with fresh, in-season flowers. When everyone sees the magnificent Christmas centrepiece from your local flower store, the holiday cheer will be in the air!

  • Create a centre of attraction
  • Bringing our loved ones together around a table to celebrate a festival and create lifelong memories is one of the best parts of the holiday season. The best thing about Christmas is that it allows us to forget about all our worries and immerse ourselves in joy.

    There is no way the festive joy will not permeate the celebration table with fresh flowers and natural plants. The most important thing to remember when setting a table is that it should reflect your personal style.

    Christmas Flowers for Decoration


    Poinsettia is a quintessential Christmas flower


    Although many Christmas plants will survive for a long while, some are difficult to maintain and might not be worth the extra work. Here are some indoor plants, including poinsettias, Christmas trees, and some other beautiful Christmas flowers.

  • Amaryllis
  • A well-liked Christmas flower and the typical festive plant is the amaryllis. Amaryllises are well-known for their tall, graceful branches and stunning, trumpet-shaped blooms, and they are a lovely complement to any Christmas table setting and holiday home decor. These exotic-looking flowers, which belong to the genus Hippeastrum, are prized for their ability to blossom indoors. They bloom 4 to 6 weeks after you plant the bulb. Some types sprout their flowers before their leaves.

  • Cymbidium Orchid
  • Your ideas for Christmas floral arrangements will take on an exotic flair thanks to these striking blooms. They are only in bloom throughout the winter in North America and are native to the Himalayan mountains. Because of this, they are simpler for florists to locate and use in typical Christmas floral arrangements. They are the perfect cut flowers for Christmas because of their up to four-week lifespan.

  • Christmas Cactus
  • This winter, if you are looking for vibrant Christmas plants, think about getting a Christmas cactus. The blossoms on the sturdy plants' flat, glossy-green stems bloom just in time for the holidays. Holiday red, as well as magenta, orange, coral pink, fuchsia, orange, and yellow, are just a few of the flowers' bright hues.

  • Poinsettia
  • The poinsettia comes in a range of colours and is rooted in tradition and history, from creamy white to pink to the typical Christmas red. These resilient holiday plants can be used anywhere, from the front porch to the mantel. Poinsettias can be gathered with ribbons and berries to offer warmth and nostalgia to any area in your house. They can also be placed on either side of your fireplace to add a classy splash of colour.

  • Rose
  • For our favourite flower, roses, it's all about the many colours of white and red. Decorate a miniature Christmas tree with a dozen red roses, or create a stunning monochromatic table centrepiece by combining natural greenery, various colours of white roses accented by silver, and pinecones in a simple, elegant vase.

  • Carnations
  • Beyond the unique significance that each colour of carnation has, they are easy to incorporate into any mixed bouquet or elegant table centrepiece. Also, since carnations may endure for up to 2 to 3 weeks, they are the ideal addition to any wreath or mixed with fresh garland as a mantelpiece.

    Fresh flowers from your local florist will allow you to celebrate the occasion and spread Christmas joy throughout your house. Flower Story has a wide selection for your holiday floral needs. Get free flower delivery in Toronto by calling (416) 797-9774.