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Your Birth Month Flowers and What They Mean

December 20, 2021

Your Birth Month Flowers and What They Mean

Flowers are fantastic gifts that communicate sincerity and carry so much meaning. They've become go-to presents for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions. There is a flower that is suited for every special event. It's easy to get them mixed up, and understanding their meanings is crucial to avoid sending the wrong message. 

If you’re wishing someone a happy anniversary and want to give them a gift on your first wedding anniversary, carnations are the ideal choice. If you're giving flowers to someone for their birthday, it's a different scenario because each birth month has its own flower. Interested in learning more? Take a look at this article to know more about the birthday flowers by month.

Birth Flowers and What They Mean

Each month is represented by specific flowers


Carnations are the flowers for those born in January. Each colour carries its own meaning. Pink, for example, is a colour that denotes tenderness and also reflects a mother's love. This could be the colour of choice for mothers who want to give their children flowers. White indicates pure love, whereas red represents love and appreciation. Yellow and striped carnations should not be given as gifts since they represent regret, disappointment, and rejection. Snowdrops are also birth flowers for January celebrants and it represents new growth since its usually the one that sprouts first during the winter


Violets and primroses are the best flowers for birthday celebrants born during the love month. Violets are thought to have been used in early civilizations to make love potions, and they also represent virtue, humility, and modesty. Primroses, on the other hand, are associated with youth, new love, and everlasting love.



Daffodils are the birthday flower for the month of March. It represents unparalleled or unrivalled love. If you decide to give it to someone special, the significance is profound. It's also one of the first flowers to emerge in the spring, signalling the start of something new. Daffodils, according to poet John Keats, deliver delight.  Because daffodils feature vivid yellow petals, they always appear sunny and cheerful.


Sweet pea and daisies are the birth flowers for April. Daisies are commonly found in vases for display at home, and if you look closely, you'll discover that they have a delicate appearance. It is considered a sign of purity and innocence. It's also utilized as a symbol of hope. 

On the other hand, sweet peas represent pleasant wishes, friendship, and goodwill. Because of its clumped blossoms, it is believed to elicit sentiments of happiness in individuals simply by gazing at it.



The delicate lily of the valley and the distinctive hawthorn are the flowers of May. The lily of the valley is a delicate flower that grows in clusters and is surrounded by greenery. This flower, which is commonly given as a gift to mothers, symbolizes sweetness, humility, and motherhood. 

Hawthorns are distinct from other types of flowers in that they bloom on a single plant or small shrub rather than in bunches. Hawthorns are said to represent love and protection in folklore.


The rose and honeysuckle are the birth flowers for June babies. Roses have long been a traditional gift for any and all important occasions. Roses have always been associated with love. While the meanings of the various colours vary, roses, in general, represent dedication, beauty, and love. The other birth flower, honeysuckle, symbolizes pure joy. People born in June are known to be little balls of sunshine.


July's natal flower, the larkspur, is a symbol of dignity and optimism. It's frequently related to the heart and the opening of feelings. So one might think that people born in July are likely to be open and expressive. It also depicts a love link formed by a strong bond. As a reason, July celebrants are strongly connected to their hearts and emotions.


The gladiolus, which means sword lily in Latin, is a gorgeous flower with dramatic stalks. They are powerful symbols of moral strength and integrity. Another flower associated with August birthdays is the poppy, which has a variety of meanings around the world. Poppies symbolize calm and healing, which is why they are often used to commemorate the heroes of World War I.



The aster and the morning glory are the flowers of September. Asters are usually pink, lilac, or white. They represent love, wisdom, and faith. Because of the shape it assumes, it is named after the Greek word star. The second flower, morning glory, blooms in the mornings, as the name suggests. Its symbolism is similar to that of asters, but it can also symbolize affection and spontaneity.


Marigolds are the traditional birth flower for October. Marigolds are supposed to be like the sun because of their golden blossoms. It represents determination and the will to attain one's objectives. Because it's a resilient flower, it also connotes tenacity, but its vibrant colour also conveys warmth.


November's birth flowers are bright and cheerful. Chrysanthemums are the flower that represents them. It is considered to bring good luck, joy, and happiness to one's family and house, and it was first cultivated in China. Chrysanthemums are also known as mums, and they come in a variety of colours.


This birth month is represented by an equally merry holly for this very festive month. The holly flower has long been associated with good fortune, tranquillity, and pleasure. What better method to give as a holiday or birthday present! When put in a wreath, holly symbolizes friendship and faithful love. 

Each birth flower is said to represent the persons born in these months. Now that you know the appropriate flowers to give to friends and family, you'll never go wrong picking the perfect gift for them. Wish someone a happy birthday with these amazing flowers today. 


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